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In Singapore, there are various of Government & Tax Incentive for the Small and Medium Industries for applying.

The Government provides an enabling environment for the growth and development of globally competitive and resilient Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs). Initiatives and programs by the Government are directed towards addressing constraints and enhancing capabilities of SMEs in areas such as financial accessibility, advisory services, marketing, technology and ICT. Incentives in the form of grants and soft loans are provided by the various Ministries and their agencies. Apart from the Government, Ministries and agencies funds are also channeled through development financial institutions as well as commercial financial institutions.

The most common feedback from our client is that they do not know how to prepare the documents for applications.

We have the expertise, not only to fill in the application form for you, but also to review your company condition and provide appropriate advice to enhance the chances of getting such incentive or grant.

Government grant and tax incentives
  • Pioneer Status incentive (PS)
  • Investment Tax Allowances (ITA)
  • Reinvestment Allowances (RA)
  • Promotion of Exports Allowances (PEA)
  • Research & development Allowances (R&D)
Our professional service
  • Advice on the suitable government grants or income tax incentive may be applied by the company
  • Assist in application of the government grants and income tax incentive
  • Review of the company eligibility on applying the government grants and income tax incentive