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Do you need a professional advice on your company business operations, financial aspect and internal control?

As qualified Chartered Accountants, we has a team of business advisory professionals who are experienced and well-trained in assisting our clients set-up their strategy, align operational processes and most importantly, enhance profitability. We have the expertise on advising our client on the business operation, financial control as well as internal control.

The following are some of our advisory services

General Business Advisory

As our clients business advisors, we do more than just recommend solutions. We are committed to working closely with our clients as a team to achieve their business goals. The general business advisory are normally cover the operation review, internal control and financial analysis.

Business Start-Up Services

We are well-positioned to help local and foreign entrepreneurs set up their businesses in Malaysia. Our wide areas of expertise enable us to support the entrepreneur to set up his business in the shortest possible time.

We are able to help in the following areas
  • Establishment of Onshore and Offshore Companies, or Representative Offices
  • Provision of Nominee Directors and Shareholders
  • Application for Working Passes for Expatriates
  • Assistance in search for Office Premises and Recruitment of Staff
  • General & Office Administration
  • Business Process Management
  • Risk Advisory
Risk Advisory

We help clients identify and manage business risks, design and setup control procedures to mitigate business risks and we also provide suggestions on how to reduce risks to an acceptable level with the following systematic approach

  • Develop a control self-assessment checklist to evaluate the business situation and diagnose problems on an ongoing basis Identify business risks in terms of environment, customers, suppliers and key processes
  • Categorizing the business risks into different categories and analyze the source of these risks
  • Work together with management to prioritize risks in terms of likelihood and significance in the risk map and develop appropriate measures to resolve or mitigate these risks