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Income Tax (Compliance & Planning)

Professional Company Income Tax Services in Johor Bahru

Worry about Inland Revenue Board (“IRB”) checking on income tax compliance of your company? Looking for an expert to help the company to reduce tax (tax planning)? Intend to expand into Singapore while enjoying Singapore low tax rate benefit?

Your problems can be resolved right now when engage our services.

We and our sister company in Singapore has more than 15 years of experience in handling cross-border tax planning. In fact, a number of our clients are enjoying the Singapore tax benefit after engaged our services.

Our strategic alliance partner has more than 20 years of know-how in income tax compliance and negotiation with the IRB officer.

With us, your problem can never be a problem again.

Our Income Tax Compliance Services
  • Review of your financial statements and discuss with you whether the presentation and amounts shown is comply with income tax requirement
  • Preparation and submission of tax estimation and tax estimation revision (CP 204 and CP204A)
  • Preparation of tax computation and supporting schedules to determine the income tax payable
  • Preparation and submission of Company Income Tax return Form C to IRB
  • Assisting in withholding tax compliance
  • Verification of Notice of Assessment issued by the Comptroller
  • Tax computation and compliance for sole-proprietors, partnerships and individuals
  • Working closely with you in responding to queries raised by the IRB and tax appeal in respect of disputes on tax assessed
  • Applying for local tax incentives and advance tax rulings (such as pioneer status, investment allowances and etc)
Our Income Tax Planning Services
  • Assist you to setting up operation in Singapore and Malaysia to maximise tax benefit
  • Cross-border Corporate and Personal tax planning
  • Review of your tax structuring and planning for tax saving by using various advance tax techniques
  • Review of your existing employment packages and maximise the tax benefit
  • Optimizing use of tax incentives and exemptions available such as pioneer status and business start-up grant when it is applicable for you and your company
  • Group of Companies tax planning
What You Can Expect From Us
  • Step by step guide by our Licensed Tax Advisor
  • Advice on company’s income tax compliance issue by our Licensed Tax Advisor
  • Advice on company’s tax saving (planning) by our Licensed Tax Advisor
  • Advice on company’s witholding tax compliance issue by our Licensed Tax Advisor
  • Personalise services, listening your questions and resolve them by our qualified personnel
  • Income tax filling dateline reminder alert
  • Updated tax information and annual tax budget information
  • A copy of income tax computation and Form C